Danville Artillery Historical Ordnance, Officer and NCO Roster, Combat Losses

Ordnance Used by Danville Artillery, 1861-1865
Three M1841 6-pound smoothbores - bronze
One M1841 12-pound rifle (converted 6-pound smoothbore) - bronze
One 10-pound Parrot rifle - iron
One 3-inch Ordnance rifle - iron
Two M1841 6-pound smoothbores - bronze
Two 10-pound Parrot rifles - iron
One 3-inch Ordnance rifle - iron
One 12-lb. Napoleon smoothbore - bronze
Four 12-lb. Napoleon smoothbores - bronze
Unknown, presumably less than 4 12-lb. Napoleons due to extreme combat losses

Roster of Commissioned and Noncommissioned Officers of the Danville Artillery, 1861-1865
Shumaker, Lindsay Mayo, CaptainSpitzer, David C., Sgt.
Wooding, George Washington, CaptainStamps, Timothy H., Sgt.
Rice, Robert Sydney, CaptainUrner, Lewis H., Sgt.
Price, Berryman Zirkle, CaptainAustin, William C., Corp.
Adams, John Quincey, LieutenantBuck, John T., Corp.
Brown, George C., LieutenantBussell, George W., Corp.
Dickinson, Joseph R., LieutenantDingeldin, Phillip, Corp.
Hunton, Thomas William, LieutenantEaton, Calvin H. P., Corp.
Jones, Joseph H., LieutenantElliott, Thomas A., Corp.
Koontz, George Washington, LieutenantEstep, James J., Corp.
Lanier, Adolphus C., LieutenantGraves, Andrew J., Corp.
Neff, John Henry, LieutenantHarraway, John W., Corp.
Parham, William Henry, LieutenantJohnson, John W., Corp.
Carter, Jesse T., Sgt. Maj.Keesee, Peyton Co., Corp.
Koontz, Milton, Sgt. Maj.Layne, Paschal Co., Corp.
Gochenour, Jacob, 1st. Sgt.Long, James L., Corp.
Shirley, Samuel P., QM Sgt.Miller, William P., Corp.
Anglea, Watson R., Sgt.Stillwell, George A., Corp.
Bentley, Daniel E., Sgt.Tatum, James N., Corp.
Gravely, Peyton B., Sgt.Thomas Archibald W., Corp.
Keesee, George Washington, Sgt.Phillips, George W., Buglar
Owen, John S., Sgt.Slayton, R. G., Blacksmith
Rice, Luther M., Sgt.

Statistical Summary of Strengths and Losses
Total Enrolled in the Battery 262
Killed In Action: 8 (3%)
Wounded In Action: 51 (19.4%)
Died of Disease: 13 (4.9%)
Captured: 20 (7.6%)
Died of Wounds: 7 (2.6%)
Total Casualties: 101 (38.5%)
Total War Dead: 28 (10.6%)
Permanent Desertions: 23 (8.7%)
Discharged, Retired or Resigned: 21 (8%)
Transferred to Other Units: 28 (10.6%)
Detailed or Detached Permanently: 15 (5.7%)
On Sick Report at Least Once: 80 (30.5%)
No Further Records: 15 (5.7%)

All source data compliments of: The Danville, Eigth Star New Market and Dixie Artillery,
Written by Robert H. Moore II, Copyright 1989 H.E. Howard, Inc.